The 145XR first flew on June 29 2001 and entered service in October 2002.

Crew: 2 pilots 1/2 Cabin crew.

Departure Airport.

Former Oregon Duck Ehab Amin's experience will be crucial for Al Ahly when they face Senegal's AS Douanes in the BAL 2023 final. Armand Lenoir/NBAE via Getty Images

Its range is 3,200 nautical miles (5,900 km),. Keep up to date with our latest news! We love telling you about our latest news and exciting offers and you can be sure to secure. Max Cruise Speed: 450 knots 833 Km/h Approach Speed (Vref): 135 knots Travel range: 1,876 Nautical Miles 3,474 Kilometers Fuel Economy: 0.

The aircraft designed to take you far.

credit: Reinhard Zinabold. . Interior Exterior Cockpit Cabin Graphs.

. The 145XR first flew on June 29 2001 and entered service in October 2002.

Also developed into a shorter ERJ-140 version.

Embraer EMB 145 AEW.

. 78, with a top speed of Mach 0.

. The ERJ-145XR seats up to 51 passengers plus 2 pilot(s).

430m and 1.

Cruise Speed. The service ceiling with one engine that cannot be operated is 6,100m. Cruise (Max speed cruise, Long.

A new Phenom 100 costs an average of $4. E145. EMBRAER ERJ 145 AIRCRAFT SAFETY RATINGS. . Operators recognize the ERJ-145 as a sustainable and trustworthy aircraft with high dispatch possibilities and comfortable services in support of a wide variety of.

Best Cruise Speed: 447 KIAS.

. E145.



Capacity: 37.


An aircraft that delivers ERJ family commonality-based savings, but boasts an extended range of 2,000nm – helping operators to expand an existing network and benefit from new opportunities.