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. This is a step hy step tutorial showing you how to mute trolls on a tik.


Aug 3, 2022 · An ex-TikTok moderator employed by Majorel said the job made him feel burned out and depressed.

Nov 25, 2019 · German publication Netzpolitik has posted an excerpt from TikTok’s new moderation guidelines. TikTok’s Content Moderator earns an estimated $31 per hour on average. Subscribe.

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. Tap the Filters button at the top. 1.

To help you focus on entertaining and engaging the community, ahead of your livestream you can assign another person to help manage your stream by tapping Settings on the right side of the livestream launch screen. The proposed class action lawsuit has been filed by a law firm that.


I found a youtube tutorial that said if you tap on a username in the chat and then hit manage a second menu will pop up with a mute option.

In comparison, the starting salary is $25 per hour. .

These are the MANUAL commands you must use to restet your counters. .

While we work as hard as we can to review millions of pieces of content and enforce guidelines consistently, we understand we won’t get it right 100 percent of the time.
Interface with the client and the rest of the team on messaging, content, marketing campaigns, and a variety of other needs.



They made me a moderator for their Tiktok Live but there seem to be almost no moderation tools in tiktok. Select the comments you'd like to delete. Use Pryton's TikTok Live tool to let the chat read out loud TTS And display who has gifted you with picture of gift and gifter Trigger memes if some one gifted you a specific gift Trigger memes if someone followed you Let your live chat control a mini game like snake with chat commands Let chat trigger memes and sounds with chat commands.

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In this video, you will learn how to pin comments on tiktok live as a moderator. toekneetm.

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He was paid less than $7 hourly and said he reviewed approximately 1,000 videos per day.