Check That Do Not Disturb is not enabled.

That did the trick, problem solved.

. I initially had The Weather Channel.

Under "Screen saver": Switch to analog or digital: Tap Style.

Dec 29, 2022 · Open the Settings app on your phone.

Snooze notification. 0 Likes. As you can see in the screenshots.

How Do I Get the Clock On My Lock Screen Android Samsung? If you're.

I usually do so on a blank area, but it doesn’t really matter. . 1 Solution.

Hope it will help. If this setting is on (enabled), turn it off, and they will start working again.



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i am looking for step counter similar to home screen widget. There are two versions of The Weather Channel.

In the Lock screen menu, tap on Widgets.
In the Lock screen menu, tap on Widgets.



Choose Analog or Digital. Share. .

. Open Settings and select Wallpaper. Options. Last Update date : Oct 12. . When using the Weather widget, you can always see the weather for the location you set.

Read on to find out more.

Feb 22, 2021 · 02-22-2021 09:59 PM in. Then tap Clock style.

The Dynamic Lock screen picture will no longer appear when you swipe the lock screen.


On the Widgets page, toggle on the widgets you want on your lock screen or the always-on display (AOD).

1 Solution.

Tap that, and you’ll see the list of widgets you can install here.