2 on single port nic PC, VLAN configuration on pfsense and Cisco SG-200 8 port gigabit switch. 0.

All info is provided.

Create the virtual switches in ESX, and assign the NICs on the VMs accordingly.

HP 705G3 Rear I/O. 5/5 Gbps modes out of the box without tinkering on pfSense 2. Complete setup of pfsense 2.


2 — MGMT Interface — will be setup for easier management access via Ports 4. . .

168. When I switch the connection back to.


As you can see, that address is outside the windows' network, I do not understand why the DHCP service gives PfSense that IP.

MAC No. .

501+ Mbps. .

Complete setup of pfsense 2.

Still, we only have 1 NIC port which his challenging.


These days, most platforms will support IOMMU, but some older platforms do not. with a subnet mask that matches the one given to the firewall, such as. However, the bge driver-based Broadcom NICs are well-enough supported at this point to proceed.

We want the switch’s Physical Port 1 to be connected to the NUC’s physical internal NIC. Dual - Network Interface Card. A paravirtualized NIC designed for performance. . . 168.


This computer may be directly connected with a network cable or connected to the same switch as the LAN interface of the firewall. Now we access option 2) again and configure the WAN interface with DHCP.

1 to LAN interface and enable DHCP with range 192.



Run pfSense in Hyper-V.

Our office Mikrotik is currently getting a WAN IP address just fine.