Areas with the lowest council tax.

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Council tax discounts. .

ondon boroughs should be able to charge limitless extra council tax on empty properties to combat the “scandal” of “ homes across London lying vacant in the midst of a housing crisis.


£1,114. 3 billion – this being the total sum forecast to be collected from Londoners to fund GLA services. Council Tax total charge Westminster Greater London Authority (GLA) Monteplier Square; A: £40,000 or less: £318.

This applies to London boroughs (including the City of London), county councils, metropolitan districts, and unitary authorities.

. If two or more adults who are not disregarded live in a property, there is no discount. .

9 per cent. .

The table below shows the 2023/24 council tax bands costs for properties in City of London in the different council tax bands or you can use online council tax Calculator and check yourself: City of London Council Tax Band.

Class F: Occupant has died.

4 billion, of which £610 million (1. .

In 2022 12. 58% : £46 ; Barnet : £1,701 :.

Council tax booklet 2022/23.
Source - Council tax data from Hackney County Council.
The Mayor's Final Budget for 2020-21 was approved without amendment by the London Assembly on 24 February 2020.


Date updated: 16/12/2022.

. 72 and the proposed Band D equivalent council tax precepts (£363. Pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit.

Date updated: 16/12/2022. . 1%. . 9 per cent.

One of the so-called smaller taxes identified in the first London Finance Commission: 1: was a tourism tax, or.

Over the course of both. .


Council tax exemption.

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Source - Council tax data from Hackney County Council.

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